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  • Traveling with a Baby

    We’re often asked about traveling with a baby. Isn’t it difficult? Well… yes and no. Here’s the thing about traveling with a kid: it’s different than traveling without one (duh, right?). You have to respect their nap time. You get tired sooner, because now you’re carrying 20 extra pounds all the time. Once they get a bit older, you need … Keep reading
  • At the End of a Long Day

    “Sorry.” The woman turned back to checking the tickets of people actually allowed to board the plane, the plane I wanted to get on.  I walked toward where Joe sat, ready to tell him we’d gotten another no; there was just no way we could get on the earlier flight without paying hundreds of dollars. We were stuck in the … Keep reading
  • June – August 2016: Australia House Sit

    In June, after spending a month visiting our families in the US, we headed down to Melbourne, Australia. Our plan was to spend a couple of days in the city doing a little sightseeing before taking a train out to a tiny town called Romsey, where we were scheduled to do a two-month house sit. The City of Melbourne Melbourne … Keep reading
  • May 2016: Krakow, Poland

    We’d never been to Krakow before, but we heard it was 1) pretty, 2) cheap, and 3) easy to get to from Prague. Sold. The problem is, we had just spent a month in Prague, the most beautiful city I think I’ve ever seen. Krakow had a nice castle… but it wasn’t quite as beautiful as Prague’s. It went like … Keep reading
  • April 2016: Prague, Czech Republic

    Beautiful architecture, long walks, and trdlo Once the housesit was over, we made our way over to Prague to stay for a month. On our backpacking trip way back in the day, we spent just a day in Prague and have wanted to go back ever since, and this seemed like the perfect time. Prague is awesome. Every single building … Keep reading
  • March 2016: Athens, Greece

    Athens was the first city we ever visited in Europe, seven years or so ago, and we loved it.  So when we saw an opportunity to go there to do a house sit, we were happy to agree to watch some cats while a couple went out to see a bit of the world. Athens has some of the most mind-blowing sights … Keep reading
  • March 2016: Pamukkale, Turkey

    Before leaving Turkey after Annabelle’s birth, we decided that we really should take a small side-trip to see a little more of the country than just Istanbul. As amazing as that city is, there were plenty of places to visit, and though our side-trip opportunities for exploring Turkey were limited with a newborn, we couldn’t head off without seeing at … Keep reading
  • December 2015 – March 2016: Istanbul, Turkey

    We flew to Istanbul in mid-December, when I was six weeks from my due date. We left three months later in mid-March, when Annabelle was 6 weeks old. It was a pretty important stop for us, to say the least. Our first task when we landed was to find a place to live. We’d gotten an AirBnB several weeks prior, … Keep reading
  • Annabelle’s Birth Story

    “You had your baby where?” It’s not a new question for us. Out of all the things we’ve done since leaving our jobs, having a baby abroad is certainly the one that’s caused the most eyebrow raising. After we left the U.S., my sister shared our story with her friends and coworkers, and she told us she noticed a pattern: … Keep reading
  • January 12, 2016: The Day My Wife (And Unborn Child) Didn’t Die

    So my wife–who is eight and 1/2 months pregnant–walks to the grocery store this morning. She buys some bread and cereal, walks back. After getting back she says, “There’s something going on at Sultanahmet—there were a bunch of police and ambulances and stuff.” They were not there when she walked past it on the way to the grocery store, but were … Keep reading