Net Worth April 2011

Welcome to our first published net worth post. To read more about how it’s calculated, and what we do and don’t count in our net worth, please visit the Net Worth Methodology page.

April 2011 was the first time I calculated and recorded our net worth and, as seen below, it was already around 106k by that point. Sometime in 2013 I went back and worked backwards to figure out what time we crossed into a positive net worth, and it was around April 2010, a year before this post. At that time we were underwater on primary residence and a rental and owed student loans. However, we also had a good chunk of cash saved up (we ended up purchasing two more rentals later that year) and pensions started which offset those debts, to put us at a net worth of $0.

Below is the first record, April 2011. It’s a little boring this month, without having a previous month to compare to.

Assets   $ Diff % Diff
Cash $25,117
Stocks $0
Bonds $0
Annuities $43,623
Retirement $41,727
Home $29,000
Other Real Estate $235,500
Cars $0
Personal Property $0
Other $0
Total Assets $374,967
Debts   $ Diff % Diff
Home Mortgage(s) $56,821
Other Mortgage(s) $205,497
Student Loans $6,320
Credit Card $411
Car Loans $0
Other $0
Total Debts $269,049
Net Worth $105,918

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