A Morning Run

I tied my sneakers and turned on my music, determined to actually get some exercise. I was disappointed in how little I’d gotten for several days, despite how important it was to stay healthy this late in the pregnancy. 

Every day I had an excuse: my back was aching, it was raining, I’d slept in and was too hungry to run. 

But not this day, I vowed! I was going to run the quiet streets of Istanbul, rain or shine. Nothing could stop me!

I opened the door, ready to conquer the world. 

And stood there, staring, trying to process what I was seeing. 

The cobblestone road in front of our apartment was covered in several inches of fluffy snow. 

“It snows in Turkey?” I asked myself. 

Based on the grown men throwing snowballs at each other and the taxi sliding precariously along the street, I figured the answer was–usually–no. 

I took a few pictures with my phone and headed back inside to make hot chocolate. 

Exercise could wait for another day. 

Snow! In Istanbul!

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