International Yoga

One of the best parts of traveling is getting into a weird situation that would probably never occur if you just stayed home.

As we hung out in an airport lounge in Malaysia, waiting for our flight, a stranger walked up and asked if we wanted to do some yoga with him. He was—apparently—a yoga instructor and wanted to get a session in, and would be happy to lead a session with anybody who’d like to join.

Seeing as I’ve never done yoga and was currently relaxing in a cushy lounge, my automatic reaction to this was something along the lines of, “No thank you, odd stranger.”

Joe’s reaction was, “Sure!”

Shockingly—or maybe not so much—every other person in the lounge seemed to agree with me.

So that was how Joe wound up in a free one-on-one yoga class in a Malaysian airport. I of course had to sneak in and take a picture before going back to my very nice chair and plate of snacks.

Joe gets some instruction on the finer points of finding out just how inflexible he is.

I’m sure he’ll be that guy standing out before the ocean—in what I only can assume is called the ballerina pose—before you know it!


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