Net Worth December 2016

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Assets   $ Diff % Diff
Cash $9,416 ($2,129) -18.44 %
Stocks $65,806 $12,115 22.56 %
Bonds $0 $0
Annuities $192,176 $0 0.00 %
Retirement $83,378 $2,449 3.03 %
Home $0 $0
Other Real Estate $1,289,576 $5,028 0.39 %
Cars $0 $0
Personal Property $41,221 ($41) -0.10 %
Other $2,802 $152 5.74 %
Total Assets $1,684,375 $17,574 1.05 %
Debts   $ Diff % Diff
Home Mortgage(s) $0 $0
Other Mortgage(s) $264,188 ($465) -0.18 %
Student Loans $0 $0
Credit Card $628 ($2,497) -79.90 %
Car Loans $0 $0
Other $0 $0
Total Debts $264,816 ($2,962) -1.11 %
Net Worth $1,419,559 $20,536 1.47 %

2 Responses to “Net Worth December 2016”

  1. John · Reply


    I found your blog through the mad fientists podcast and I am impressed with your journey to achieve financial independence.

    I can’t help but notice your portfolio is concentrated on real estate. Like you, I am a big believer of real estate and I am considering building a portfolio that is skewed towards REITs due to the relatively higher dividend yield it had to offer. Concerns about diversification has been holding me back and therefore, I was ecstatic when I found someone with a portfolio like yours.

    Could you share with me your thought process for building a portfolio that is concentrated on real estate? Was there any point in time where you have concerns about diversification?

    Thanks. Cheers.

  2. Val · Reply

    John, REITs are an almost guaranteed way to loose money! Don’t confuse owning stocks with rental properties. These guys do have rental properties and they are able to live off of the rental income. Much better control of your investment life and much lower risks. As people always need a place “bricks and mortar” place to live. End if you are smart buy in areas with population growth and sit on “buy and hold” properties, during difficult times you likely do quite well, much better than most. Good luck

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