Traveling with a Baby

We’re often asked about traveling with a baby.

Isn’t it difficult?

Well… yes and no.

Here’s the thing about traveling with a kid: it’s different than traveling without one (duh, right?). You have to respect their nap time. You get tired sooner, because now you’re carrying 20 extra pounds all the time. Once they get a bit older, you need to make sure you carry a snack around. You can’t just go to a show, like the Opera, or even a movie theater. You need to be cognizant of breastfeeding social norms, and carry around diapers.

Like mother, like daughter: mom and baby asleep on a bus after a long day of travel.

You have to entertain and pay attention to the baby, reading to him, playing with her, etc. Your sleep schedule gets all messed up. This all cuts into your tourism time.

But here’s the other thing: you shouldn’t be comparing traveling with a baby to traveling without a baby, you should compare it to staying at home with a baby.

Presumably, you’ve made the decision to have a baby. Once you have one, the question is: do I want to not travel because of the baby?

For us, the answer is, clearly, no.

Let’s compare traveling with a baby (and the drawbacks mentioned above) with staying home with a baby.

If you’re at home (wherever that is) with a baby, you have to respect their nap time. You can’t just go to a show. You have to entertain and pay attention to the baby, reading to it, playing with it, etc. Your sleep schedule gets all messed up.

In actuality, traveling with a baby isn’t that different than staying home with a baby: they’re both a lot of work.

So when people ask if it’s difficult traveling with a baby, well, sure.

But that’s because of the baby, not because of the travel.

Having a baby is hard. Having a baby and traveling is not significantly more so. If you compare traveling without a baby to traveling with a baby, of course traveling without one is easier. But the correct comparison, in our opinion, is traveling with a baby or staying home with one.

And since we’ll have the baby-raising challenges either way, we’ll also enjoy the kick-ass travel experiences, as well. Annabelle is a bit too young to enjoy the benefits now (though she’s getting to meet lots of people, get comfortable with strangers, hear odd languages, and other things that may stretch her growing brain), but as she ages, I think the benefits of travel will be enormous for her. Well worth any small hassles to us.

On a train outside Berlin.

Baby sleeps through a plane flight.

4 Responses to “Traveling with a Baby”

  1. FinancePatriot · Reply

    I totally agree, but babies are easy for traveling. It’s when they are 2-4 it becomes difficult as they like to disrupt the plane. Age 5 is a bit better, from our experience.

    • No more Kids · Reply

      Your 100% correct. Babies are incredibly easy in comparison to older children. They are also cheep to put on international flights and sleep all the time. You can strap them into a car seat and they are controllable. its once they hit 2-4 and if you have more than one of them then it becomes such a horrible experience that you stop wanting to go any where.

    • Jennifer · Reply

      So true. Babies are easier than toddlers, in general. Toddlers want to explore everything. At home, you can just baby-proof their environment. When travelling, you have to be constantly aware, trying to make them safe in an unfamiliar environment. As a single mom of a toddler, I found a solution: camping. Try camping. Put them in a life jacket if you are near the water, and strap them in a stroller by the fire. Kids LOVE camping! And with a tent nearby, you can nap whenever you want.

  2. Steady Ready Crazy · Reply

    Life Goals = You guys!

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