Our Blogging History

I post today to confess something to you: I am bad at blogging.

No, I’m not talking about my terrible photography skills or my rambling and incoherent writing. I’m talking about my darn inability to actually sit down and write posts for the blog, whatever their quality.

Yes, I’m talking about consistency.

Here is the history of our blogging:
June 2015: We early retire and start to travel. Lots of friends and family encourage us to start blogging, wanting to follow our travels, or asking questions about how we did it. We don’t start one because we don’t want to have any obligations in retirement, anything that we have to do. We do write a few posts in November 2015 for a potential future blog, because we figure we’ll start one at some point.

11 months pass.

May 2016: Jim Collins, of jlcollinsnh.com, writer of the fabulous Stock Series, asks me for a blurb for his new book: The Simple Path to Wealth.

I said: Awesome, I’d love to!
I thought: Oh shoot! I don’t have a website for my byline under the quote; I’d better get on that!

So I registered a domain, threw up a shell of a website with just the basics: home page, about page, and contact page.

Phew, I thought, doing the mental equivalent of brushing my hands together. Another job well done. Surely with getting over the hump of getting it started, this blog thing will be smooth sailing from here on out.

5 months pass.

October 2016: Brandon, of MadFIentist fame asks if we want to be guests on his podcast.

I said: Awesome, we’d love to!
I thought: Oh shoot! We haven’t written articles for that blog we started!

So we wrote a dozen articles or so, added pictures, put them up, and mapped out a list of other posts we’d write. The podcast was published, we got a bunch of readers, and we congratulated ourselves on getting the ball rolling on that whole blogging thing. Surely with some posts under our belts, and a list of posts we wanted to write, it’d be difficult NOT to get it done!

3 months pass.

January 2017: A writer from Business Insider contacted us, asking if we’d be willing to do an interview for their site.

I said: Awesome, we’d love to!
I thought: Oh shoot! …blog!

So we frantically wrote some more posts. The article went up, we got some new readers, and we had added a bunch of content (maybe another dozen posts or so). This blogging thing was going great. No stopping us now!

7 months pass.

August 2017: A producer for NowThis Money contacts us about doing a video interview.

I said: Sounds great!
I thought: *facepalm*

The video is posted, but without a link to our blog, only a few enterprising readers find us via Google. Without much traffic from it (but an awesome number of views of it there on Facebook; very exciting to spread the message of FI so much!), we don’t feel much obligation to update the site, and don’t post a single thing due to this. Uh oh, our complacency is getting worse…

2 months pass.

October 2017: This brings us up to today. So what’s the impetus for me updating this time? Two things: We have a Reddit AMA coming up, and I will be attending FinCon at the end of the month. So that means it’s time to update the blog!

It’s a pretty clear and consistent pattern: I neglect the blog for months, and some event (Jim’s book, Brandon’s podcast, BI interview, RedditAMA/FinCon) kicks me into gear, and I post about a dozen posts. Then I neglect the blog again until the next big event that will be having readers visit.

As with school work, procrastinating until the deadline seems to be the way my brain works.

I’m sure most readers would rather see more regular posts. If I actually had spaced out all the posts we wrote, it would have worked out to 1-2 posts a month. Not an amazing amount, but better than huge gaps with nothing, and then a dozen at once. Whoops. πŸ™‚

I will try to improve. I will do better!

…maybe I just need constant “deadlines” (events) to keep me posting regularly.

What do you think, readers? Do irregular updates bother you? How about you, fellow bloggers reading this? Do you struggle with consistency as well, needing some sort of motivator to get posts done? Have any suggestions? Leave me thoughts in the comments! πŸ™‚

(Photo by Naqi Shahid on Unsplash)

3 Responses to “Our Blogging History”

  1. Mother Fussbudget · Reply

    More regular content, more regular readers. And more ‘timely comments’. Maybe you could do something along the lines of “when MrsArebelspy finishes a chapter, a blog post is due”. Her writing output shows no sign of slowing (cudos!!!) [says the guy with no blog…] πŸ˜‰

  2. Doubleh · Reply

    Hey I just checked back on the blog after last reading it when you first made the URL public and it’s cool to see you have some good articles here. I’d probably have followed regularly if you had a more regular posting schedule.

    What seems surprising is the contrast here to your posting on MMM forum where not only were you legendary pre travelling for the frequency of your postings, but so many of these were so detailed they could be a full blog post yet seemingly came out so quickly!

    I’d guess that now you’re posting on your own blog you feel it needs to be perfect and that is causing the deadline disease πŸ˜‰ Maybe you should try letting go of that and just posting stuff even if it is a little less refined – that way you would get more out and hopefully enjoy it more! Also not a small thing but I think if you tried to edit less and just get the content out unfiltered the posts would have more of your authentic voice that so many of us out here know and love from the MMM forum

    Not intended in any way as a criticism, I’d love to see more of your writing and I know I’m not alone

    • Ali & Joe · Reply

      It’s less perfectionism, and more that we have two young kids now, so I don’t have much time for that sort of thing anymore–haven’t posted much on the MMM forums in a long time either, sadly. Just pop on to help moderate, answer PMs, and peek at a thread or two, but I haven’t even caught up on journals or anything in almost a year now. Life just got crazy. πŸ™‚

      I do hope one day to turn some of those forum posts into blog posts. Thanks for the encouragement!

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