• Divorce

    Ali and I have separated; the divorce was finalized last month. It took me awhile to post because I definitely feel some “I failed the FIRE community” (beyond my personal community of family and friends) feelings about it. And how do you come out with “we’re divorced now” out of the blue? We were together 15 years. We have three … Keep reading
  • Hiking Snoqualmie Lake – May 17, 2019

    Denny and I next decided to tackle Snoqualmie Lake–an 18-mile round trip hike–for another quick overnighter. The weather forecast turned ugly the week before our trip, but we decided we’d go out anyways. I cut down my ground sheet at Denny’s house, then we left around 9, saw some deer on the way in, and got to the trailhead and … Keep reading
  • Hiking Jay Lake – May 8, 2019

    For my first hike of the season, my buddy Denny and I decided to go to Wallace Falls State park to hike to Jay Lake for a quick overnighter on a beautiful Wednesday evening. Jay Lake is a 12.2 mile round trip hike with 1600 feet of elevation gain. We left the apartment around 2 and got to the trailhead … Keep reading
  • Early Retirement Resources

    Early retirement can seem overwhelming at first. You’ll have a lot of questions. How does it all work? How can I be sure my money will last? WHEN CAN I DO IT? First of all: Calm down. Breathe. 🙂 This page is a collection of books, blogs, and tools to learn about, and calculate the various aspects related to early … Keep reading
  • Our Blogging History

    I post today to confess something to you: I am bad at blogging. No, I’m not talking about my terrible photography skills or my rambling and incoherent writing. I’m talking about my darn inability to actually sit down and write posts for the blog, whatever their quality. Yes, I’m talking about consistency. Here is the history of our blogging: June … Keep reading
  • We’re Doing a Reddit AMA!

    The subreddit r/financialindependence periodically does AMAs* with popular figures in the financial independence movement. *AMA is a term that stands for “Ask Me Anything,” a sort of crowd-sourced interview, whereby the person being interviewed answers questions from anyone wanting to pose them. There have been some real awesome interviewees so far, including Mr. Money Mustache, Jeremy from GoCurryCracker, Gwen from … Keep reading
  • NowThis Money Video

    In August, we were contacted by a producer at NowThis, a media company, about doing a video interview for their NowThis Money Facebook page. We love to share the idea of early retirement, to hopefully inspire others, so we hopped on a short Skype call and answered some questions. We rambled for awhile, but luckily the producer asking the questions … Keep reading
  • February 2017: New Zealand

    New Zealand was a country we’d heard a lot about, mainly its beauty, and it didn’t disappoint. We flew from Perth to Christchurch to start our tour of New Zealand. Christchurch Christchurch was okay, but basically a normal city, rather than the beautiful countryside we were looking forward to seeing, so we were a little impatient to go. Our AirBnB … Keep reading
  • Traveling with a Baby

    We’re often asked about traveling with a baby. Isn’t it difficult? Well… yes and no. Here’s the thing about traveling with a kid: it’s different than traveling without one (duh, right?). You have to respect their nap time. You get tired sooner, because now you’re carrying 20 extra pounds all the time. Once they get a bit older, you need … Keep reading
  • January 2017: Australia Again!

    Australia’s a big country, and we wanted to see a little bit more of it before we headed out of this part of the world, so we headed back to the land of kangaroos and didgeridoos. For about three weeks, we stayed in a small town called Castlemaine, and then we did an RV relocation across the Nullarbor to Perth. … Keep reading