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  • Early Retirement Resources

    Early retirement can seem overwhelming at first. You’ll have a lot of questions. How does it all work? How can I be sure my money will last? WHEN CAN I DO IT? First of all: Calm down. Breathe. 🙂 This page is a collection of books, blogs, and tools to learn about, and calculate the various aspects related to early … Keep reading
  • We’re Doing a Reddit AMA!

    The subreddit r/financialindependence periodically does AMAs* with popular figures in the financial independence movement. *AMA is a term that stands for “Ask Me Anything,” a sort of crowd-sourced interview, whereby the person being interviewed answers questions from anyone wanting to pose them. There have been some real awesome interviewees so far, including Mr. Money Mustache, Jeremy from GoCurryCracker, Gwen from … Keep reading
  • NowThis Money Video

    In August, we were contacted by a producer at NowThis, a media company, about doing a video interview for their NowThis Money Facebook page. We love to share the idea of early retirement, to hopefully inspire others, so we hopped on a short Skype call and answered some questions. We rambled for awhile, but luckily the producer asking the questions … Keep reading
  • Why Quit If You Love Your Job?

    Many people seek early retirement because they hate their job. When we mention that we enjoyed teaching, people are naturally confused, so a common question we immediately get is: Why? If we loved it, why’d we quit? If we enjoyed what we did, why were we so eager to leave? Our answer is simple: We loved teaching. But there are … Keep reading