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  • Divorce

    Ali and I have separated; the divorce was finalized last month. It took me awhile to post because I definitely feel some “I failed the FIRE community” (beyond my personal community of family and friends) feelings about it. And how do you come out with “we’re divorced now” out of the blue? We were together 15 years. We have three … Keep reading
  • Our Blogging History

    I post today to confess something to you: I am bad at blogging. No, I’m not talking about my terrible photography skills or my rambling and incoherent writing. I’m talking about my darn inability to actually sit down and write posts for the blog, whatever their quality. Yes, I’m talking about consistency. Here is the history of our blogging: June … Keep reading
  • Welcome Business Insider Readers!

    Hi there!  If you’re coming here from the Business Insider article, welcome! 🙂 (If that’s not where you came from, but are interested in reading it, you can find it right here.) If you’d like to hear more about our story, check out this post with info on a podcast on which we did a joint interview. There are plenty of posts about … Keep reading
  • Welcome MadFIentist Podcast Listeners

    Hello! If you’re stumbling upon this website right now, I’m assuming it’s from the recent interview Ali and I did with Brandon, aka The Mad FIentist. 🙂 (If that’s not where you came from, but are interested in hearing it, you can find it on iTunes in the MadFIentist podcast, or listen directly here.) We’re longtime fans of the MF’s … Keep reading
  • Welcome!

    Welcome to Adventuring Along, the blog of two people who quit their jobs at age 29 to travel the world, have kids, and adventure along! Check out Our Story to learn a little more about us, or click the link below to go to the next blog post! … Keep reading