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  • February 2017: New Zealand

    New Zealand was a country we’d heard a lot about, mainly its beauty, and it didn’t disappoint. We flew from Perth to Christchurch to start our tour of New Zealand. Christchurch Christchurch was okay, but basically a normal city, rather than the beautiful countryside we were looking forward to seeing, so we were a little impatient to go. Our AirBnB … Keep reading
  • Traveling with a Baby

    We’re often asked about traveling with a baby. Isn’t it difficult? Well… yes and no. Here’s the thing about traveling with a kid: it’s different than traveling without one (duh, right?). You have to respect their nap time. You get tired sooner, because now you’re carrying 20 extra pounds all the time. Once they get a bit older, you need … Keep reading
  • January 2017: Australia Again!

    Australia’s a big country, and we wanted to see a little bit more of it before we headed out of this part of the world, so we headed back to the land of kangaroos and didgeridoos. For about three weeks, we stayed in a small town called Castlemaine, and then we did an RV relocation across the Nullarbor to Perth. … Keep reading
  • December 2016 – January 2017: Bali, Indonesia

    We were excited to spend a month in Bali, both because relaxing on the beach sounded lovely and because we’d planned this trip to include visits from our parents. Being far away for months on end can be a bit rough, so we decided to rent a house near the beach in Bali for a month over Christmas to host … Keep reading
  • December 2016: Manila, the Philippines

    Manila is an interesting city. Busy and crazy, but also fascinating and in some ways familiar. We stayed out in Makati district, the fancier business district. We went into the main part of town once, to do a food tour with a friend from the MrMoneyMustache forums (who went with us despite having worked all night. Gretchen, you were a … Keep reading
  • November 2016: Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Our trip to Chiang Mai was probably the most activity-filled stop we had in Southeast Asia. Because it’s so well-known to tourists and ex-pats, it was pretty easy on us foreigners. Lots of English, lots of chances to connect with people, and even a few folks we already knew hanging around the area.  Besides the lantern festival and meeting the … Keep reading
  • November 2016: Chiang Mai, Thailand: Lantern Festival

    As we pushed our way through a great crush of people, moving an inch at a time, we could only think, “This is the subdued version of this festival?!” You see, every year Thailand has a big festival called Loi Krathong. And this festival coincides with a Northern Thailand festival called Yi Peng. In Chiang Mai, the two festivals team … Keep reading
  • November 2016: Chiang Mai, Thailand: Elephant Sanctuary

    Imagine you’re a baby. You’re just chilling out in your carrier, bouncing along with Mama and Dada, unfazed by all the crazy places they take you. You’re a world traveler after all. Roman ruins, castles, airplanes, boats. No big deal. You got this. Now they’re taking you somewhere new. Whatevs. You take a nap in the back of a truck … Keep reading
  • October 2016: Phnom Penh, Cambodia — The Killing Fields

    Warning: This is not a happy post. This is, in fact, a very not-happy post. It deals with genocide. We were only in Phnom Penh for a few days, but it really warrants its own blog post. We knew a basic idea of the Khmer Rouge before we got to Cambodia: a group took over the place and killed a … Keep reading
  • October 2016: A Typical Cambodian Meal

    “Well, what do you think you’re going to have?” Joe asked me, looking through his menu, which was about as thick as the phone books of yore. I paged through mine, considering. “I think I’ll have the coconut curry shrimp,” I said at last.  Joe ordered ribs and a coke. The restaurant owner brought us complementary iced tea and slices … Keep reading