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  • October – November 2015: London, England

    (Protip: Throw this song on in a background tab while you read this post.) If you had asked us any time before October about when we’d be visiting the UK, we would have told you we’d get there someday, but probably not for a couple of years. But a combination of crazy-cheap flights (seriously, $73.32 for both of us to … Keep reading
  • October 2015: Dusseldorf and Munich, Germany

    After Portugal, we headed up to Dusseldorf, Germany. Lisbon was a lovely end to our Camino, but Germany was when we really started to feel like we’d officially finished that first chapter in our travels—-probably because that flight out of Santiago had been planned as our end-date from the get-go. We’ve spent a fair amount of time in Germany before … Keep reading
  • Inexpensive Travel: A Few Tips

    Before we started our traveling lifestyle, we knew we’d need to come up with as many ways as possible to save money while on the road. Our goal was to live on $30k or less a year, and most people can’t do that even while staying in one (relatively inexpensive) location. We started gathering as many ways as possible to … Keep reading
  • October 2015: Porto and Lisbon, Portugal

    After five weeks on the Camino, where we walked an average of 15 miles a day, Portugal was exactly what we needed. 10 days of relaxing strolls (WITHOUT backpacks!), resting, and generally just hanging out in a country we’d never visited before. Glorious. But Portugal hadn’t been the plan. That’s the nice thing about slow traveling without an agenda though; … Keep reading
  • September 2015: El Camino de Santiago

    Having just quit our jobs, gotten rid of all of our possessions besides what fit in two backpacks, we headed off to Europe on one-way plane tickets! We had decided that the best way to spend the first 35 days of our freedom from all the burdens of daily living would be to walk 500 miles across the top of Spain following … Keep reading