This page is kept updated semi-regularly with what I (Joe) am up to now.
Last updated on March 25, 2021.

Annabelle, Cassian, and Caitlyn are 5, 3, and 1, respectively. I will turn 36 in the middle of 2021.

Caitlyn turns 1.

Keep reading below to see what we’re learning, reading, listening to, and where in the world we are now!

2020 was a rough year. Ali and I got divorced in February 2021.

I am looking forward to a post-vaccine world; getting the usual kid activities back (school, library, children’s museum, zoo, etc.) will be nice.

Joe, Annabelle, and Cassian, Christmas 2020.

– We bought a house in July 2019 in the suburbs north of Seattle, Washington to be near near Joe’s family while the kids are young. Joe and the kids remain there while Ali lives nearby. After years of nomadic travel, it feels nice to have some roots again.

Learning & Growing
– Joe has does streaming and commentating for a few games he enjoys playing and started painting as a new hobby.
– Annabelle loves reading and math and is currently loves learning anything and everything about the ocean. She can’t wait to start Kindergarten.
– Cassian loves dancing and has gotten very proficient at riding a scooter. He loves saying silly, ridiculous things and wrinkling his nose waiting for a reaction.

The kids–taking after their dad–have really started to love playing games.

– Joe: Click here to show/hide the list of some of the books Joe has read recently.



– Annabelle loves The Princess in Black and anything to do with the ocean or ocean animals.
– Cassian loves the Berenstain Bears, Curious George, the Love Monster series, the Room on the Broom, and the Pout Pout Fish series.
– Caitlyn will grab any book she can find and plop in my lap to read. She loves turning the pages at all the wrong times.

– Although I rarely have time for podcasts anymore, I enjoy listening to Blinkist, a service that creates summaries of nonfiction books and provides them in both audio and ebook format.

– Travel has been curtailed due to COVID-19. I am looking forward to getting out hiking and camping this spring and summer, and being able to take trips again once vaccinated.

– I will hit the six year anniversary early retirement in June of 2021. I do not plan to return to work despite the divorce.

– My planned 2020 charitable donations total ~$8,575, mostly to overseas charities, due to a large influence from the excellent book by Peter Singer, The Life You Can Save.
– I volunteered 325+ hours in 2019 at the local Habitat for Humanity, but scaled back after the birth of Caitlyn, then COVID, then divorce and single parenting. I am looking forward to resuming involvement when life calms down.

Enjoying a rare outing to the aquarium.

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